“Can I Con You One More Time Before I Go?”

Roger LeBlanc (author of The Punter’s Tale)

Most big-budget romance movies begin with eventual lovers not liking one another. In a typical opening scene they meet and their first impressions are bad…really bad. The plot then moves toward reconciliation as the lovers discover each other’s finer qualities. Ta da! Love…

Roger LeBlanc and Mark Cramer (author of Old Man on a Green Bike: Chronicles of a Self-Serving Environmentalist)

During 2020 Welcome To Fakeville! sifted fact from fiction and, at times, crafted fiction resembling fact. We lobbied for change, lampooned the corrupt old guard and never told a lie.

In addition…

Welcome To Fakeville!

Authors Mark Cramer and Roger LeBlanc team up to expand Leftist bandwidth with humor and underappreciated facts about current events.

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